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Grill Dome Kamodo Ceramic Grill and Smoker Dealer - Buffalo

Do you love to grill and smoke? The Grill Dome kamodo grill is a single unit that gives you the best of both worlds! You can grill a steak at high temperatures today to add those nice sear marks, or you can grill a few racks of ribs - low and slow!

Why a kamodo grill and smoker?
Kamodo grills are extremely versatile grills. The body of the grill is made of ceramic. This design allows you to grill at high temperatures (700 degrees plus) as well as low temperatures (200 degrees) for low and slow cooking and smoking.

The ability of the kamodo grill to maintain low temperatures lets you smoke food low and slow. This allows the smoke to be absorbed, breaking down the fibers in the food making it tender.

The kamodo grill holds heat better than any other style smokers so you don't have to check the temperature continuously, it does not burn as much charcoal, and gives the food a smokier flavor. The ability to adjust the upper and lower vents gives you the ability to precisely control heat, temperature, and smoke flavor - helping cook food to perfection.

With a kamodo grill, you can smoke, bbq, bake, grill and sear from 200 to 750 degrees. Food choices include pulled pork, brisket, bbq ribs, poultry - chicken and turkey, hams, and pork shoulders.

Why choose a Grill Dome Kamodo Grill?   

   INFINITY SERIES features our exclusive TERAPEX  Ceramics

The INFINITY Series is the FIRST ceramic cooker line  in the industry to offer stainless  steel hardware STANDARD.  INFINITY  Series kamados are  also constructed  with our new exclusive TERAPEX  Ceramics, which is more porous and more insulating than any of our  previous ceramic blends.  The INFINITY Series  comes with our industry  leading LIFETIME warranty. You can also choose from FIVE colors!


   Our  ceramics are almost TWICE as thick as our competitors!

Grill Dome ceramics are up to TWICE as thick as our  competitors! Twice the thickness means more heat retention  capacity and  superior thermal efficiency compared to our competitors. Simply  put,  unless it is thicker and more porous than our ceramics...we can't be   beat!


   Making Quality Kamados since 1989.

We have been making Kamado style cookers since 1989.  Our ceramics and design are time-tested, and our  mission will continue  to deliver ceramic innovation, a superior quality product,  great value  for your money and first class service to our customers. Grill Dome  continually improves its products through  extensive research and  development. An example of our innovation is our heavy  duty stainless steel  Auto  Hinge that allows you to open a  80lb lid with just one finger!



 GRILL  DOME does things FIRST! 

  • We were the FIRST company to start giving  warranties on Kamado styled cookers
  • We were also the FIRST ceramic cooker company to give Lifetime Warranties
  • We are the FIRST company to offer Stainless Steel  STANDARD on our Infinity Series kamados


   We don’t use glazes.  We bake  on our paint.

Unlike many other ceramic companies that use glazes to protect  the exterior, we bake on  enamel to avoid the glaze-crazing  that  plagues other  ceramic cookers. Each unit goes into  the oven THREE  times. A good question to  ask our competitors would be "are you going to replace the glaze job if it  crazes?" ... there is simply no easy way to fix the unsightly crazing and  you are stuck with it.



PRECIX technology delivers better quality Kamados!

Our PRECIX manufacturing technology  (formerly known  as PXII) allows us to construct a precise and a symmetrically shaped  ceramic unit every time  without any ovalty and unwanted cross sectional  variations. Our  PRECIX technology is why our gaskets last many  times longer than any of our  competitors and is also why our lids don’t  fall out of our hinges!



Pre-Assembled and ready to cook!

Unlike other kamado companies, Grill Dome is pre   assembled and ready to cook. With the Grill Dome  you don’t have to  spend hours assembling the unit  while wrestling  hinge  assemblies. You  are ready to cook once you unpack!


   Our grills are Eco-Friendly

TERAPEX© ceramics, which are  exclusively  available in our Infinity Series, can withhold much greater  levels of heat than  many other ceramics.  Capturing  and retaining  more of the heat produced  means much less fuel burned  through-out the  cooking process.


   American  Engineered

GRILL DOME is a product of American Engineering. Our   engineers studied many of the concepts for kamado design and have   engineered a cooker that outperforms many of the original kamado  designs. 


   We are the MANUFACTURER

We are the manufacturer of the GRILL DOME and don’t get our product made by a third-party company like many other kamado companies.  This means we are able to manage the manufacturing process more efficiently by being integrated. You also won’t find us compromising quality for cost like other cost-consciousness companies. We continually implement improvements into our manufacturing processes, and are able to pass on the savings to our customers.


   First Class Customer Service

            Our customer service is first class  and can't be beat! We go  through great lengths to make sure our customers are  happy, and we are  always there to take your call.


 If you would like to see the Grill Dome in action, come to one of our grilling demonstrations.

Here are the current demo dates for 2017:

Saturday May 13th, 2017 from 10am - 3pm.

Saturday June 17, 2017 from 10am - 3pm,

Saturday July 1, 2017 from 10am - 3pm.

Saturday July 22, 2017 from 10am - 3pm.

If you can't make it to a demo day, give us a call at 677 - 4100 and we can set up a personal demonstration! 

For additional information, please give us a call at 716 - 677 - 4100 or click here for the Grill Dome Web Site.

Grill Dome Kamodo Smoker Grill


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