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How do you clear a green swimming pool ?

The best way to clear a green pool is to not get one in the first place. Water chemistry and filtration are the two most important components to prevent a green pool. In the event  you get a green pool, you can follow these steps to clear it up. We have been using these steps for the past 25 years with great success on our customers pools.



The following is the procedure for cleaning a pool filled with green algae.

  • NEVER run the filter with an algae filled pool. Running the filter spreads the algae around the pool, in the filter, and complicates the problem.
  • Begin by shocking the pool with either liquid (vinyl liner) or powder shock (gunite/concrete). Use at a rate of AT LEAST 1 gallon or one bag per 10,000. The greener the pool, the more shock is needed.
  • Apply Algaecide to the pool water based on the strength of the algaecide and the recommended amount.
  • After applying the shock and algaecide around the perimeter of the pool, brush the walls and bottom of the pool with a liner brush. Do not vacuum the pool for ANY reason.
  • The pool will turn from green to a milky white color as the algae is killed. When the pool is completely milky white- NO GREEN LEFT-you may begin to filter the water.
  • Earth Filters- will pick up the finest algae particles. The pressure on the filter will increase as the algae is filtered from the pool. When the pressure increases 10 pounds above normal, backwash the filter and then recharge with earth. Continue this procedure until the water is clear.
  • Sand Filters- Begin by running the sand filter 24 hours per day, backwashing every 6-8 hrs. You MUST backwash the filter otherwise the algae particles will go through the sand bed and blow back into the pool.
  • If cloudiness persists (SAND FILTERS) apply a clarifier or flocking agent to aid in the removal of dead algae.
  • Once clear, check the water chemistry and apply chemicals to balance water properly.

If you have any questions on how to clear a green pool, please contact us at 716 - 677 - 4100.


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