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How to Close an Aboveground Swimming Pool 

The following procedure describes how to close an aboveground swimming pool for the winter season. In some areas of the country you may not remove the filter system or cover the pool if you don't get freezing weather conditions.

The following method describes how to winterize or close an aboveground swimming pool for the winter season.

Vacuum Pool Clean and remove any toys and games - A clean pool in the fall makes for a cleaner pool in the spring.  Leaves left over the winter may stain the pool liner and bottom.

Balance Pool Water Chemistry - pH: 7.2 - 7.6; total alkalinity 80 - 150 ppm; calcium hardness 150 - 250

Drain Water to Proper Winterizing Level
    Oval and round Pools - 3-4" below the bottom of the skimmer opening
    Rectangle Pools - 25" from the deck level

Remove ALL Accessories – ladders, lights, floating dispensers, alarms, toys, etc…

Add Winterizing Chemicals - Please read all instructions carefully.  Remember, some of your summertime chemicals do have a shelf life or require special storage.  If you have questions regarding chemicals, PLEASE ASK US!

Disconnect All Hoses from the pool filter and swimming pool

Drain Filter Tank by removing bottom drain cap

Drain water from the pump housing by removing the drain plug(s). I also like to tip the pump upside down to make sure all water is out of the pump

Remove filter media from the filter:
Sand – Remove sand, clean inside of filter; (Sand can be dumped out or removed with a shop vacuum). Be careful not to break the internal lateral assembly

D.E. (Earth) – Disassemble tank and clean all fingers, disks, or grids; Soak grids, fingers, or disks in a filter cleaning solution per manufacturers instructions

Cartridge  - remove cartridge and hose off, soak in filter cleaning solution per manufacturers instructions

Lubricate all  "O” rings & Gaskets

Store filter components in protected storage area

Inflate ice expansion pillow approximately 2/3 full - pillow should be soft to absorb ice expansion and is not to be used in pools that have bottom drains

Secure ice expansion pillow across pool -  Do not over tighten pillow support lines as water and snow weight will cause strings to rip out of the pillow

Install skimmer winterizing cover plate (Aquador) and return eye plug to prevent water from leaving the pool as rain and snow accumulate on top of the winter cover. This accumulation will cause the water to displace out of the pool.

DO NOT install a "Gizzmo" in the skimmer. If water accumulates in the skimmer and freezes, the weight of the resulting ice cube will rip the skimmer off of the pool wall or cause the pool wall to collapse. The skimmer bottom should be open to allow water to run out of it.

Winterize bottom drain system - disconnect ball valve, remove valve from pipe and install a stand pipe

Cover pool - secure cover tightly with winch and cable, and cover clips.  Allow cover to sag onto water; Add 2-3” of water to top of the cover to hold it in place from the wind; or install wall water bags. We prefer the wall water bags. These allow you to keep excess water off of the winter cover prolonging the winter covers' life

Place cover pump on cover and leave on cover until the first freeze. After each rainfall, pump water off of cover and remove leaves and other debris from cover.

Before first freeze, put cover pump away

During the winter, if it looks like the pool cover is going to pull into the pool because of snow and water weight, release the cable and let the cover fall into the pool. This will prevent the pool wall from collapsing.

In spring, after the ice on the cover has thawed, put cover pump on cover and drain off water. Remove leaves, and other debris which has accumulated over the spring and winter months.

Put garden hose under cover and fill pool to bottom of skimmer while winter cover is still in place.

If you have any questions about closing an aboveground swimming pool, give us a call at 716 - 677 - 4100.



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