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How to open an above ground swimming pool 

Below are the steps to follow to open an aboveground swimming pool for the season. The most important step is to make sure the cover is free of debris and water when trying to remove it. If you should dump the contents of the cover into the pool, it will create lots of headaches going forward into the season.

The following is the procedure to open an aboveground swimming pool.

Pump the water off of the pool cover. Many types of pumps are available to do this - everything from a siphon pump - which runs about $30 - to small submersible pumps. If you start this early - a few days before you want to open the pool, the size of the pump won't matter much. All of them will take the water off, but some are faster than others.

Slide your garden hose under the pool cover and fill your pool up just below the skimmer opening. This will make it easier to get the cover off of the pool.

Clean all of the debris off of the cover with a leaf bagger - a deep bagged skimmer

While there is some water on the cover, brush the cover with a liner brush on your telescopic pole - this will loosen the heavy dirt that has accumulated

Remove the cover from the pool and clean it off for storage. (Do not lay the cover on the lawn for long periods of time - if it is warm and sunny out, the lawn can burn.

Before hooking the filter up, check hoses for leaks, lubricate "O" rings, and re-tape the hose fittings (It is easier to re-tape the fittings now, rather than when the pool is full of water).

If everything is okay, hook the filter up to the pool. (if installing new sand, see "How to change sand" for proper instructions).

Fill pool to regular fill line which is 3/4 of the way up the skimmer opening. (If the water level is too low, the filter will pull air into it).

Put in pool opening chemicals (shock and algaecide if using chlorine or bromine).

If the pool is green, see "How to Clean a Green Pool".

Once the pool is full, prime the pump by opening the trap cover and letting it fill with water.

Start the pump and let run for your normal filter cycle. Vacuum the pool as needed.

Check the water balance - pH, alkalinity, hardness, sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) and stabilizer.

Add the proper dose of chemicals as needed.

If you would like to have Pools Unlimited open your pool, or have any questions about opening your aboveground swimming pool, give us a call at 716 - 677 - 4100.



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