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How to Backwash a Sand Filter with a Multiport Valve

Backwashing a sand filter is the process of cleaning the filter of dirt and debris. As you run the filter, the sand collects dirt, debris, algae, etc... When the filter gets too full, it does not filter effectively as the water flowing through the filter slows down. This is when the filter needs to be cleaned or backwashed. A sand filter needs to be backwashed when the reading on the pressure gauge moves 5 points from the clean filter reading or the water flow back into the pool is slow. (You can check the flow rate by putting your hand in front of the return. If your hand is pushed away rapidly, you probably do not need to backwash the filter. If you can hold your hand there without much effort, it probably needs to be backwashed).

The following is the procedure to backwash a sand filter with a "Multiport" valve.

Turn off the filter. (Never change the setting on the multiport valve with the filter running).

If you have a flexible blue backwash hose, install it at this time on the waste port of the multiport valve to get the waste water away from the pool area. (Most valves have the port names imbedded in the plastic of the valve by the port).

Move the valve into the "backwash" position by pushing down on the valve and rotating it.

Turn on the filter. (When you do this, the waste water will shoot out of the waste port on the multiport valve).

If your filter has a sight glass, watch it. The water will start out clear, turn to dirty, and then go clear again. When it returns to clear, turn off the filter. It usually takes about 30 seconds to a minute for the water to become clear in the backwash cycle.

Now, turn the valve handle to the "rinse" position, and turn the filter back on. In this position, the valve gets cleaned from any dirt/debris/algae which got into the valve during the backwash cycle. 

Again, watch the sight glass. When the water turns clear, turn off the filter. This takes about 15 seconds.

Now put the valve handle into the "filter" position. You can now filter your pool normally.

If you have any questions about backwashing a sand filter, give us a call at 716 - 677 - 4100. 


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