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We offer swimming pool supplies, accessories, equipment, and service for inground and aboveground swimming pools in Buffalo, Orchard Park, West Seneca, Lancaster, and the surrounding areas of Western New York.

Please call us today with any questions on our products or to book service for your pool. Call us at 716 677 4100.

Aboveground Swimming Pools: We offer a variety of swimming pools, from a number of manufacturers to fit every budget and size requirement - in both round and oval styles.

Chemicals - Pools : Whether you use chlorine, bromine, salt, or minerals for your pool, we carry them. Brands include Ortex, Sea Klear, New Water, FROG,  

Chemicals - Hot Tubs : A variety of products are available for your hot tub - from simple chlorine and bromine based products to once per week EZ Spa, enzyme based SPA Marvel, and mineral base Nature 2 and SPA Frog.  

Chemical Feeders: Automating your pool with a chemical feeder makes pool care easier. We offer a variety of feeders from Rainbow, Performax, and Hayward. Stop in today and have our experts recommend the right feeder for your pool and lifestyle.

Cleaners - Automatic and Robotic: Dolphin robotic cleaners are the new standard - and we've got them for inground and aboveground swimming pools. Want a traditional cleaner - we offer suction side cleaners by Hayward and Pentair for inground and aboveground pools. Aquabug/Wanda the Whale/Diver Dave by Hayward for aboveground Pools; and Navigator and Pool Vac for inground pools. L'il Shark by Pentair/Sta-Rite for aboveground pools.

Filters and Filter Accessories:  Need a new filter for your pool? We offer filters for inground and aboveground swimming pools  - sand, cartridge, and earth - from Hayward, Pentair, and Speck. Contact us today for additional information. Need installation? Our service department can provide complete installation services on any of these filters.

Grills - Gas and Pellet Smokers: Gas grills and pellet smokers manufactured by Holland Grills are offered. Holland Grills are known for their "No Flare Up Guarantee". In addition, the quality far exceeds other manufactures quality! Stop in on one of our Demo Days to sample foods grilled on the Holland!

Heaters and Heat Pumps: Want to extend your swimming season? A pool heater allows you to open your pool early, and close it late. Select from heates by Raypak, Rheem, Hayward, Pentair, or Jandy. Our experts can help you select the correct heater for your pool and arrange installation if needed.

Lights: Do you enjoy night time swimming? A number of different lighting products are available for inground and aboveground pools so you can enjoy night time swimming.

Liners - Aboveground Swimming Pools: Many liners are available for aboveground swimming pools in different styles - overlap, beaded, and "V" Bead; in a variety of patterns - blue, bottom print, and full print. Stop in to check out the patterns and styles. Aboveground liners are offered from GLI.

Liners - Inground Swimming Pools: Pools Unlimited 's service personnel are experts in the installation of inground swimming pool liners. Our attention to detail and precise measuring - will result in a perfect fit! Over 50 liner patterns are available - from McEwen and GLI - to fit your style! Call us today for additional information - 716 - 677 - 4100.

Maintenance Equipment:  Vacuums, vac hose, skimmers, leaf nets, backwash hose  - we've got it all for inground and aboveground pools.

Miscellaneous Products:  Parts, fountains, battery powered vacuums, replacement cartridges, skimmers, main drains, etc... are all available at Pools Unlimited.

Plumbing, Pipes, Unions, Valves, Fittings: All types of plumbing fittings are available - piping, unions, valves, etc... We can help you re-do your plumbing/hoses or our service department can re-do the plumbing for you. Bring us a picture and we can offer recommendations to you and guide you through the process.

Safety Covers - Inground Swimming Pools: Safety covers are a great addition to ingound swimming pools - providing a layer of protection against kids, pets and stray animals getting on the pool cover. There are many choices available and our staff - with over 25 years experience installing safety covers - can guide you through the process of selecting the right cover for your situation. We offer covers from GLI Pool Products and Loop Loc. So whether you need a new cover or a replacement for an existing cover, give us a call and we can help you.

Solar - Covers and Heaters:  We stock solar covers for aboveground and inground swimming pools. In additino, we carry liquid solar covers to reduce heat loss and evaporation of pool water. Want to warm your pool - but can't afford a gas pool heater? Solar heating might be the answer. Solar heaters will heat your pool without the need to install gas lines and electric power.

Testing Supplies:  Pool water requires testing periodically. Many methods are available including test strips and drop style test kits. We stock both types - for aboveground and inground pools - as well as test kit re-agents. In addition, we stock some DPD test kits and re-agents for commercial swimming pools.

Toys/Games/Floats/Patio:  Pools are made for fun - but you can't have fun without toys/games/floats! Stop in today and check out our large selection of pool/backyard patio products including floats, lounges, toys and games.

Water Testing:  Professional pool and hot tub water testing is available at our retail store. We use the SpinDisc testing Lab from LaMotte. This system tests for all the major parameters - as well as phosphate levels and minerals. Bring in a water sample today!

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