We offer hot tubs and hot tub chemicals, supplies, accessories, and equipment for hot tub owners in Buffalo, Orchard Park, West Seneca, Lancaster, and the surrounding areas of Western New York.

Hot Tubs - Tropic Seas Spas:  We offer hot tubs from South Seas Spas. 8 Different models are available offering a variety of configurations. Check them out at the manufacturer's web site :

Chemicals - Hot Tubs : A variety of products are available for your hot tub - from simple chlorine and bromine based products to once per week EZ Spa, enzyme based SPA Marvel, and mineral base Nature 2 and SPA Frog.  

Covers - replacement: Has your hot tub cover seen better days? Over time the vinyl breaks down and the cores absorb water and get heavy. We offer hot tub replacement covers from a couple of different manufacturers. All covers are custom manufactured for your hot tub. You can choose specifics for your cover - i.e. cover thickness, cover density, strap location, skirt length, strap length, etc... All we need to order a new cover is your hot tub make and model, and a drawing of your existing cover.

Cover Lifters: We offer some different style cover lifters to ease removal of your hot tub cover. Stop in to see our selection.

Replacement Filters and Cartridges: Need a new filter for your hot tub? We stock filters for many brands of hot tubs in our retail store. For the fastest service - bring your old filter in and we can match it up. 

Steps and Handrails: We offer a variety of steps - in a number of colors - and hand rails to make entry to your hot tub safe and easy. Stop in today to see our selection.

Miscellaneous Products:  Pumps, vacuums, draining tools, replacement parts, jets etc... If we don't have it, we can get it.

Solar Covers and Thermal Covers:  We stock solar covers  and can order thermal covers which reduce heat loss from your hot tub, protect the underside of your cover, and save you money.

Testing Supplies:  A variety of testing supplies for your hot tub are available including test strips and oto/phenol test kits. 

Water Testing:  Professional pool and hot tub water testing is available at our retail store. We use the SpinDisc testing Lab from LaMotte. This system tests for all the major parameters - as well as phosphate levels and minerals. Bring in a water sample today!

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